It is not a surprise that Hoi An’s Ancient Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a unique place that preserved its ancient buildings and the street plan reflect the foreign and indigenous influences. But there are something more than those pale hue colored buildings that are worth to do and explore in this popular tourist destination. So here are the five top things to do in Hoi An.

Stroll The Ancient Town By Foot Or In A Bicycle

You can find the peacefulness in the quiet streets of Hoi An.  It is undeniable that everyone loves to stroll the old town. Even you lazily walk or bike a dozen of times around, you will still love every corners of this ancient town. Bicycle rentals are widely available in Hoi An and Danang. So if you want to slowly explore the attractions of this ancient city then getting a bicycle might be a good choice.

hoi an bicycle

hoi an trishaw

hoi an street

Appreciate The Surreal Beauty of The River

Hoi An’s Thu Bon River is not the prettiest in the world but the nostalgic feeling that it brings to every visitors is surely a great experience. You can capture different stories every time you click your camera and take a photo of the river in action.

hoi an river

Enjoy The Bright And Colorful Lanterns Day and Night

You will definitely fall in love with the iconic Hoi An silk lanterns that you can find in every shops, hotels and restaurants that set an ambient glow in the streets. At night, the old town is transformed by colorful lighted lanterns that allure every visitors. I was personally amazed with the lanterns and bought some for my home.

lantern shop in hoi an

hoi an lanterns

Discover Its History and Culture

Hoi An features many wonderful attractions and home to centuries-old Buddhist pagodas and temples, quaint museums and colonial buildings situated along the riverside. The town has a well-preserved mix of Vietnamese, French, Japanese and Chinese architecture. By exploring Hoi An, you will discover how it existed in the past compared with how the people there live today.

hoi an ancient bridge

top things to do in hoi an

hoi an park

Visit The Shops And Purchase Goods Made By The Locals

Hoi An’s shopping scene is famous for its cornucopia of reasonable yet quality tailoring services, from dresses, suits, shirts, to shoes.

The streets of the Ancient Town are also filled with local shops selling handicrafts, jewelry, traditional apparels, and shoes that are worth to be brought back home for personal use, souvenirs or giveaways. You can definitely satisfy your shopping urge and go home happy from Hoi An.

things to buy in hoi an

hoi an locals

hoi an shops

What Else About Hoi An?

Hoi An is really incomparable to other cities in Vietnam. Everything is very accessible on foot or cyclo with its pedestrian-friendly streets.

Hoi An is warm, accommodating and conventional, but never out of touch with the modern world. People who usually visit Hoi An also check out the nearby cities such as Danang and Hue (Read: Day Tour in Hue Vietnam). So if you are planning to travel in Vietnam, make sure to add Hoi An in your list. This destination will never disappoint you.

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top things to do in hoi an

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