While speeding at 80 kph with my right foot on the accelerator, I am already imaging that my feet are covered by white powdery sand while staring at the dazzling emerald green water of Sipalay beach in the province of Negros Occidental.

Sipalay City is a renowned beach destination in Negros Island for both foreign and local tourists because of its natural treasures. It has stunning beaches and unique resorts making the city a perfect destination for fun and relaxation.

Sipalay Beach

Sipalay Beach

How To Get There

Sipalay is around 177 kilometers away from Bacolod City and approximately 161 kilometers from Dumaguete City which is a 4 to 5-hour drive from any of these major cities of the island.


Long trip on the road is not easy especially if you are traveling with kids and an infant so we favor a journey with comfort and rented a 7-seater vehicle for PHP 1,500 (USD 30) daily not including the gasoline and driver. Not having a driver is not an issue as I prefer to discover the unfamiliar roads of Negros behind the steering wheel. We spent another PHP 1,500 (USD 30) for the fuel to cover our entire trip from Bacolod to Sipalay including a side trip to Century Tree in Canlaon, Negros Oriental.


From Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Take Ceres Bus from Southbound Terminal with options of boarding on a regular, air-conditioned or tourist bus. Bus fare ranges from PHP 180 to PHP 253 (USD 3.50 to USD 5) with travel time of 5 to 6 hours.

From Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

There is only one direct trip daily to Sipalay from Ceres Terminal which leaves between 12PM to 1PM for PHP 280 (USD 5.50) with travel time of 4 to 5 hours. Another option is taking a bus to Hinobaan then transfer to another bus to Sipalay for PHP 222 (USD 4.50). Upon arriving in Sipalay Bus Terminal, you can hire a tricycle to drive you to your hotel for PHP 100 (USD 2) per person.

Direct Flight to Sipalay

If budget is not an issue to you, then flying directly to Sipalay is actually possible. Air Juan flies 4 times weekly to Sipalay from Cebu every Wednesday and Sunday, and from Iloilo every Monday and Thursday. Air Juan also offers Puerto Princesa to Sipalay flight with 2 stopovers via Cuyo Island and Iloilo every Monday and Thursday.

Where To Stay

Sipalay has many options in terms of accommodation. You can find convenient options and even high scale hotel resorts in the city.  Here are the top reviewed resorts and hotels in Sipalay scored by Agoda users.

Perth Paradise Island Resort

This is the resort that attracted me the most among all the great options. Perth Paradise became renowned because of its infinity pool with amazing and scenic view at the background perfect to produce insta-worthy photos.

perth paradise resort sipalay

Awesome Infinity Pool

From the paved main road to the resort, you have to turn right and  traverse a kilometer long of rough road. When we arrived at the entrance of the resort, I did not anticipate that behind the simple red gate is a wonderful gift of nature .

perth paradise resort sipalay

nature in sipalay

We booked the Family Room for a night and we were satisfied with our accommodation. It’s fresh, neat and comfy to stay. The room has its own dirty kitchen with a fridge and a gas stove where you do your own cooking. The room’s air-conditioning unit is working great and it also has an LED TV with lots of local and international channels.

The location of the rooms and the infinity pool is a bit challenging to reach as you need to hike at least one hundred stair-steps. Though there are benches in between for you to rest and breath.

perth sipalay

Perth Paradise Resort offers one of the best view and landscape in Sipalay. The infinity pool looks big in the photo but it is not in the actual. Anyway, we are not here to compete in a swimming competition but to relax and the scenic spectacle of Sipalay.

The resort has no beachfront. However, it has a lagoon with emerald green water where you can swim and enjoy the surrounding nature at its best.

perth paradise resort sipalay

perth paradise resort sipalay

Room Rates

Family Room (for 6-8 pax) – PHP 4,000 (USD 80)

  • 2 Matrimonial beds, 2 extra beds
  • Air-conditioned
  • PHP 200 (USD 4) for additional bed per pax

Standard Room (for 4-6 pax) – PHP 2,500 (USD 50)

  • 2 single beds or 1 Matrimonial bed
  • Air-conditioned
  • PHP 200 (USD 4) for additional bed per pax

Cabana Room (for 1-2 pax) – PHP 1,300 (USD 26)

  • With fan only

Entrance Fee for Walk-in – PHP 80 (USD 1.60)

Cottages for Walk-in – PHP 500 (USD 10)

  • With Electricity

Service and Other Rates

Infinity Pool – PHP 100 (USD 2)

Kayak – PHP 250/pax (USD 5) (walk-in – 1 hour, check-in – unlimited)

Island Hopping – PHP 1,500 (USD 30) for 3 hours (max of 6 pax, additional PHP 150 per head)

Jetski – PHP 4,500/hr (USD 90) max of 2 pax

Snorkeling – PHP 250 (USD 5) for 1 hour

Floating Cottage – PHP 700 (USD 14)

Things To Do

Island Hopping

From Perth Paradise Resort, we headed back on the road for another 10-minute drive to Punta Ballo Beach. Since the beach was not swimmable during  that afternoon due to low tide, we booked for an island hopping tour instead. We rented a boat for 10 people and paid only PHP 1,000 (USD 20).  The waves during the afternoon is not so friendly especially if you have children with you so it’s better to take an island hopping tour during the morning when the sea is calmer.

sipalay negros


Don’t forget to bring your own snorkeling gear if you are going for an island hopping tour. Since we did not bring own our, we got ours for only PHP 50 (USD 1) from our helmsman. The waters around the Turtle Island and Campomanes are perfect for snorkeling.

For experienced divers who are looking for a deeper underwater adventure, there are diving resorts along Punta Ballo beach that can arrange a diver tour for you.

punta ballo sipalay

After an exhausting yet fun afternoon doing island hopping and snorkeling, we went back to the resort to enjoy the view and relax for the rest of the night. We prepared our own food for dinner and spent the evening by the pool with some drinks.

The resort has its own restaurant and bar that serve food and drinks as well. The bar is situated near the infinity pool so you can actually a drink and splash into the water.


The resort has a great view of the sunrise so we woke up early the following day to witness the sun rising from the sea. We spent the rest of our morning soaking in the pool and swimming with the little fishes in the green lagoon before checking out by noontime.

perth paradise resort sipalay

The bridge to the floating cottage and to the lagoon

perth sipalay

The Floating Cottage

perth sipalay

Enjoying the calm water of the lagoon

perth sipalay

The entire family enjoying the pool and the breathtaking view

perth sipalay

Our beautiful family photo

We were supposed to visit the nearby resort Tinagong Dagat but the group decided to go somewhere else instead as the resort has a view alike to Perth Paradise Resort apart from their wooden hanging bridge that connects to their island resort. We ended up doing a side trip in Canlaon City, Negros Oriental and visit the renowned Century Tree before going back to Bacolod.

perth paradise resort sipalay

Sipalay has many natural attractions for everyone to explore and experience. It is blessed with beautiful landscapes and underwater dive sites to discover.

One first trip in Sipalay will definitely not be the last one as we are planning to go back during summertime when their beautiful beach is vaporously exhaling its mist and gently soaking the powdery white sand to fulfill our cravings for an ideal summer holiday experience.

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