Doing a road trip to Subic is very popular as it is just 130 kilometers away from the bustling Philippine capital of Manila and it is known to be an esplanade of fun and adventure.

Getting There – Road Trip to Subic

We started our road adventure from the province of Cavite which is 3.5hrs drive away from Subic. Even it was our second time doing the same trip, I still relied with Waze to find the best and fastest route to Subic. 

We took the NLEX-SCTEX tollways that has a direct exit to Tipo which is just few minutes drive to Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Being on the road is fun but paying toll fee is not at all. Anyway, convenience always comes with a price tag. We paid PHP 453 (USD 9) for the toll fee from Balintawak to Tipo exit.

Exploring Zoobic Safari

We arrived to our first destination which is the Zoobic Safari by 8am. Zoobic is the only tiger safari in the country and is a 25 hectare park that offers a wide range of habitats and home to diverse exotic animals. This attraction is great for all the ages and suitable for family bonding.

We booked our tickets online via Klook for PHP 350 which is half the price of the original one from their website for Php625 (USD 12) per adult and Php535 (USD 10.2) per child. Children below 3 feet can enter the zoo for free.

zoobic safari subic

The park is huge and it took us almost 3 hours to visit most of the attractions. We started the exploring Zoobic by foot and interacted with most of the animals coming from various countries and continents of the world. They have miniature horses, bears, lions, ferrets, camels, birds and many more.

subic zoobic camel
subic zoobic donkey
zoobic subic bird

There is also a Rodent World where we found some guinea pigs, porcupines and the huge Palawan rats and a Serpentarium that is home to various species of snakes, lizards and other cold blooded animals.

After exploring those attractions by feet, we finally hopped in to their Tram and visited the Croco Loco, a pit with over 200 crocodiles. We also passed by the Savannah and saw some wild boars, potbelly pigs, zebras and ostriches to name some.

croco loco zoobic

The tram ride ended at the Tiger Safari which is one of the main highlights of the park. We transferred to a customized Safari Jeep and drove around the tiger enclosure where we really had a close encounter with the ferocious hunters. We paid PHP 200 (USD 4) for the tiger’s food (chicken) to attract these ferocious hunters. The guide fed them the chicken we bought and had a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them that close while eating on the roof and moving around the jeep. It was kinda scary but we did enjoy that moment. We bought a whole chicken for PHP 200 (USD 4) to attract the tigers which was fed to the tigers.

zoobic tram
lion feeding zoobic
lion feeding subic zoobic

Spending a day and night in Mangrove Resort

After that animal petting and wild feeding adventure, we headed out to locate our abode for the weekend. We booked our accommodation online via Agoda and were very were fortunate to get a superb deal in Mangove Hotel.

We got a deluxe room just in front of their infinity pool with a poolside bar and has an awesome beachfront view. The hotel has their own private beach as well which is good as we wanted to be away from the crowd for a while and have a relaxing time. You can also dine Al Fresco in their restaurant while sipping your favorite cocktails watching the sunset or your hot coffee with the sunrise. 

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mangrove hotel subic
mangrove hotel subic

On the next day, we spent some time in their pool and by the beach to enjoy the view. We checked out early as we still wanted to explore some others attractions in Subic.

mangrove hotel subic
baloy beach subic
baloy beach subic

We also went to Subic Bay boardwalk to have lunch and visited the elegant-looking Lighthouse to take some photos.

road trip to subic boardwalk
road trip to subic lighthouse

Adventure in the Nature

Before heading back to Manila, we decided to continue the fun and had some extreme experience in Tree Top Adventure. They have the easy going Canopy Ride, exciting Superman Ride and Parachute Fall, challenging Silver Surfer and exhilarating Tree Drop Adventure. This adventure park is in the middle of the forest in JEST Area where you can definitely encounter some animals like monkeys on the road and colony of bats on top of the trees.

subic forest
subic money on the road
tree top adventure subic

Other Fun Things To Do in Subic

There are more fun things that you can do in Subic but we did not choose to do it anymore as we really wanted to have more relaxing time by the pool and beach in this trip rather than moving around. Anyway, here are the other things that you can try to do while you are in Subic:

  1. Bounce and get wet on the Inflatable Island
  2. Swim with the sea lion, meet up with sharks and turtles and have an exclusive encounter with the dolphins in Ocean Adventure
  3. Have a splashing experience at Adventure Beach Water Park
  4. Enjoy some sun time at Samba Thrilla Aqua Park
  5. Hiking and Yangil Tribe Experience in Zambales 
  6. Learn some survival techniques in JEST (Jungle Environment Survival Training) Camp
  7. Fun Family Activities like Mirror and Garden Maze Adventure, 3D Trick Art, and 3D Enchanted Forest in Funtastic Park

Well Subic is really an interesting destination that is not far from Metro Manila. There are plenty of things to do from nature appreciation, fun and wild adventures, lazy time in their glorious beaches, family bonding activities and many more for you to explore. We definitely love Subic and I am sure that you would love it too. I hope that you can consider this destination on your next holiday or road trip.

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