According to many, South Australia is a boring state. When we find out from other people that a place is boring, we labeled it right away as uninteresting and definitely a must avoid destination. But sometimes, a city slicker and urbanite like me needs a break and taste the tranquility of those boring places away from traffic jam, pollution and crowd. For me, what makes a boring place great is the chance to reset, refresh and renew ourselves. Not only that, a boring place is usually the site where you can absorb the jaw-dropping sceneries with your eyes.

If we talk about the Land Down Under, South Australia is the least mentioned state. This state is not as popular as the other states like New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. However, this forgotten State did magnetize my attention. It has plenty of awesome destinations and here are some of the must visit places in South Australia that I never regret to visit.

1. McLaren Vale

This is the birthplace of the wine industry in South Australia and known because it is also home to some of the oldest grape vines in the world. This wine region is very accessible due to its proximity to the city. What I really enjoyed in McLaren Vale was the wine tasting experience and of course the pizza. I even bought a huge bottle of red wine to consume during my stay in South Australia. I also had my very first Almond Blossom experience in McLaren Vale.

mclaren vale winery
mclaren vale wine
I was able to finish this bottle in a week
mclaren vale almond blossom
The almond blossom
must visit places in south australia

Where To Stay In McLaren Vale

2. Victor Harbor

This might just be a small town 82 kilometers from the Adelaide CBD but this is one of the perfect places to see in South Australia and it offers a great relaxing experience. The main attraction here is the Horse Drawn Tram that takes you for 600 meters from the mainland along a wooden causeway to the Granite Island which is home to cute little Penguins. I was there during early afternoon and unlucky not to find them as they usually come out during sunset. Anyway, I was still able to see the cute little penguins at the Gorge Wildlife Park in Cudlee Creek.

must visit places in South Australia
victor harbor horse drawn tram
The Horse-Drawn Tram
Victor Harbor
The tramway to Granite Island

Where To Stay In Victor Harbor

3.  Whispering Wall

This wall in Williamstown was built over a 100 years ago and no one had a clue about its astounding acoustic properties.  The Whispering Wall is a  9-storey structure and at one point, the highest arch dam in in Australia. Because the dam is a hard and curved surface, any sound made on one end travels clearly to the other side. You can have a perfectly normal conversation with someone standing on the opposite end of the dam which is about 450 feet away. Amazing right? The entire area is protected for native species and covered with punk gums and native pine trees, so this picturesque location is also ideal for a picnic.

Whispering Wall
From one of the sides

Where To Stay Near Whispering Wall 

4. Gorge Wildlife Park

Yes, this place is definitely boring. But visiting Australia means you should also encounter their native animals. Gorge Wildlife Park is not a mediocre wildlife park; it’s a point where animals and people get together. Under the trees, paths meander among the animals offering many relaxing hours of wildlife enjoyment with the Australian favorite animals like wombats, echidnas, dingoes, and Tasmanian devils.  You can also cuddle their lovely koalas and walk around with their wallabies and kangaroos.

gorge wildlife park adelaide
With the fluffy koala
wombat gorge wildlife park
feeding the kangaroos in gorge wildlife park
Feeding the kangaroos
wallabies gorge wildlife park
Wallabies on the loose

Where To Stay Near Gorge Wildlife Park

5. Hahndorf

Located just 25 minutes from Downtown Adelaide, Hahndorf is the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia and the German history of Hahndorf can be traced back to 1838. Hahndorf’s picturesque colonial charm remains remarkably intact and it is very evident in the buildings and structures around. Strolling through the historic main street is very nostalgic and definitely enjoyably boring. 

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hahndorf church
Hahndorf Church
hahndorf street
Roaming around the street
hanhdorf street
Photo Credit: Chris Fithall
must visit places in south australia
Photo Credit: Chris Fithall

Where To Stay In Hahndorf 

Sometimes, we just need to disconnect to our routine itineraries and trips to find something good in things and places we thought that are not worth and good enough. Unplugging in South Australia and slowing down my pace made me hear my own heartbeat while adoring its serenity.

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must visit places in south australia

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  1. Joanna

    I love visiting less touristy destinations, and South Australia looks like it’s exactly the off the beaten path I am looking for. I’d love to go to McLaren Vale and learn about the oldest vines in Australia. And taste their wines, of course.

  2. Robert

    Great list and really nice photos. Want to go to Australia one day.

  3. Polly

    I haven’t been to Australia yet but I would love to visit Gorge Wildlife Park someday and see all these animals. <3

  4. Janay

    O wow I always wanted to go to south Australia. Thanks for these pictures and giving me good options when I finally go! You took one week to finish that bottle I wouldn’t need at least one year lol

  5. Nursery rhymes girl

    Hi there,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us.
    These pictures look awesome. I got some ideas from you for my travel book.Thanks again.
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  6. Vanessa Cast

    What a piece of amazing information. I’ve never been to Australia and you are sharing a different part of the country from everything you read out there.

    Thank you!!

  7. Cavansir

    Lovely places. Would love to visit them one day.

  8. Lorita

    These are some great places to visit in southern Australia! I’ll need to bookmark it

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    I want to visit Australia someday! Great photos and list.

  10. Jasmine M.

    Wow, this place is absolutely stunning. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia!

    • Neil Alvin

      Wow! South Australia looks cool. Would love to visit those places soon.

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    I have always wanted to visit Australia and your post has me really considering it. Thank you for sharing.

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    My cousin lives in Australia and he loves to visit different places, I would suggest this to him. Thanks for sharing about these beautiful places.

  13. Magen

    I’ve always wanted visit Australia. It has always just seemed like such a fun and amazing country to me. Hopefully I’ll get to see it one day soon and visit some of these places you mentioned above.

  14. Ashli Ferguson

    These look like fabulous places!! I’d love to travel to any of them

  15. Shoppers Gossip

    What an amazing place! I love Kangaroo, they are so cute.

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