Unknown to many, there is a beautiful island in the country of Japan that has beautiful bodies of water, rich cultural heritage and vibrant nature. I am very lucky that I was able to explore and visit the city of Ishigaki Japan. This island is located in the Okinawa Prefecture which is much closer to Taiwan archipelago compare to Land of the Rising Sun’s capital of Tokyo. The city is really a great place to relax with a very calm ambiance, almost zero pollution, no heavy traffic and friendly people.

As a Cruise Director onboard a cruise ship, I have the privilege to wander around places as I need to learn everything about our port of calls to be able to sell the tours to our guests onboard.

Road trip in Ishigaki Japan

A private car was arranged for us with an English speaking Japanese Tour Guide to assist us during the trip.  We first visited the Kabira Bay. The sight itself is really stunning and I will not mind glaring at it for the whole day.

In Kabira Bay, you also can rent a Glass Bottomed Boat and explore its beauty. You can enjoy the underwater sights and enjoy the view of islets around the bay. The boat tour will also show you to the black pearl farm which is one of the popular best buys in Ishigaki.

road trip in ishigaki japan

Scandalous Mermaid Statue

ishigaki japan

ishigaki japan

Black Pearl Farm

After we wandered around the bay, we visited the Pearl Shop that has a Museum. We simply took photos around but did not buy any pearls as they are too fancy for a cruise ship staff like me.

ishigaki japan ishigaki japan ishigaki japan black pearl

The next stop of our tour is the Limestone Cave. I was really excited at it was my first time to see an actual cave after over two decades of my existence.  The stalactites and stalagmites in the cave are impressive and the dripping sound of the water is like music to my ears.

ishigaki japan cave ishigaki japan cave ishigaki japan cave ishigaki japan cave After that great first time cave experience, we stopped in Torinji Temple for some photo opportunities. Being there is like watching a Japanese classic movie with the exquisite and vintage structures around. ishigaki japan torinji temple ishigaki japan torinji temple ishigaki japan torinji temple ishigaki japan torinji temple

It was a fun day wandering around and doing a road trip in Ishigaki. I have seen few of its highlights but there are more to explore next time. I am sure that the next trip will be exciting as well and I cannot wait to see more of this off the beaten path destination in Japan.

Where to Stay in Ishigaki

Ishigaki has many options in terms of accommodation. You can find convenient options and even high scale hotel resorts in the city.  Here are the top reviewed resorts and hotels in Ishigaki scored by Agoda users.

Ishigaki Resort Hotel (Agoda)

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