My first journey to South Asia started in Singapore on-board Jet Airways flight to Mumbai in the incredible country of India. The flight took over five hours under bad weather condition and my most worrisome flight ever. Luckily, the weather in Mumbai is gloriously fine when we landed.

Exploring Mumbai India

We stayed in a hotel near the ‘Gateway of India’ which is the top landmark of the city. Its architecture is staggering and amazing. First of all, I never had any idea that Mumbai is so Westernized prior to this trip and that they were very much influenced by the British in terms of structural designs.

The old buildings from the colonial era are still present and the design of new constructions are following the former which gives the European ambiance in the city.

I also experience feeding pigeons near the ‘Gateway of India’ which is something that we can never do in my hometown as they are considered pets and their owners usually keep them only inside the cages.

mumbai india

mumbai india

city tour in mumbai

Wandering around the city is very easy and convenient. You can go for sightseeing by their signature black and yellow  ‘Mr. Bean’ taxi which costs very cheap or you can take their city train which I missed to try.

mumbai india

Train is a popular mode of transport in India. Though crowded for most of the time, it is the fastest way to explore the city. Even I did not experience a train ride in India, I was amazed with architecture of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or more popularly known as VT station.

vt station mumbai

A city tour in Mumbai won’t be completed without shopping. Shopping is also one best things to do in the city. Though there was no nearby shopping mall from my hotel. The nearest shopping area is Colaba where there are plenty of shops along the street and offering great discounts and bargains.  I was able to buy plenty of souvenirs for family and friends just for 1,000 rupees or USD 20 only.

If you are prefer to shop in high-end shopping malls, they are located around the city. Inorbit Mall, High Street Phoenix, Atria Mall and Oberoi Mall just to name a few.

mumbai india

colaba street mumbai

Horse-drawn ride along Colaba

If you love Indian food, then you have nothing to worry as there are countless restaurants everywhere. Western restaurants are not difficult to find as well. Almost all the streets have at least a restaurant that serves International cuisine.

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A city tour in Mumbai is a must if ever that you will visit the incredible country of India. The instagrammable structural designs, cheap shopping, great food, unique culture and fun people are some of the reasons why you must include this city if you are planning a trip to India. Before I forget, you can also buy affordable medicines in India. So if you need plenty of medications for maintenance, then do not miss to visit their pharmacies as well.

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Where to Stay in Mumbai, India

The accommodations are scattered around Mumbai, India. Many are near the are of Colaba and some are around the airport.  Whether you are an opulent traveler or a thrifty backpacker, you will surely get your kind of ideal short-term abode. Here are the top reviewed accommodations in Tarlac as scored by Agoda users.

where to stay in mumbai india

Taj Mahal Tower (Agoda)

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