If you are in the Philippines and Bali, Indonesia is in your bucket list with a tight budget, then you can somehow fulfill that instantly even without a fat wallet for an expensive flight and allowance. Just for over an hour drive from Metro Manila, you can get away from the bustling city and experience a Balinese-inspired staycation and holiday in Cintai Corito’s Garden.

Six years ago, we were in Bali for our honeymoon and we really had an awesome experience in this popular holiday destination. We wanted to do a follow up  trip which is still on hold as we have other priorities with our two lovely girls so a getaway to Cintai Corito’s Garden is absolutely ideal at the moment.

About Cintai Corito’s Garden

Cintai Corito’s Garden is a nature and recreation haven crafted by love. ‘Cintai’ means love in Indonesia and the family who owns the place dedicated their time and efforts to make this paradise-like resort to revive the beautiful memories of their late mother and wife Corito who used to stay in the garden to relax before she yielded to her illness.

cintai coritos garden Balinese Style Gate

Getting There


If you have your own car and prefer to have a short-haul road trip, Cintai Corito’s Garden is just 80 kilometers or 1 ½-hour drive from Manila via SLEX and STAR Tollways.  Exit on Balete/Lipa then turn right on Leviste Highway and Cintai is located on the left at least 4.5 kilometers from the toll exit.

Toll Fee (as of Feb 2019)

Magallanes to Calamba = PHP 214

Calamba to Sto. Tomas = PHP 25

Sto. Tomas to Balete/Lipa = PHP 151

Total Toll Fee One-way = PHP 390


Ride the bus from LRT Buendia Terminal/Cubao to Lipa City. From Lipa City Grand Terminal Station, take a multicab to Levitown then take another jeepney going to Balete and alight in Cintai Corito’s Garden. Jeepney drivers are very familiar with the location so it is impossible for you to miss it.

One-way Fare (as of Feb 2019)

Bus (LRT Buendia to Lipa City) = PHP 146

Bus (Cubao to Lipa City) = PHP 156

Jeepney (Lipa City to Levitown) = PHP 9

Jeepney (Levitown to Cintai) = PHP 9

Total One-way Fare = PHP 164 (From Buendia), PHP 174 (From Cubao)


We arrived at the resort before 2:00pm just on time for our check-in and I approached the reception where I was warmly welcomed by their staff. I was asked to register my details and the receptionist handed over the key to our villa. The location of the accommodations is slightly distant from the front desk so their staff led us to our villa. The entire check-in process took less than 5 minutes which is very efficient.

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cintai coritos garden Spectacular Architecture near the Reception

Terrace Villa # 16 – Our Accommodation

When we reached our Villa, we felt like we were really in Bali, Indonesia. Our Balinese-themed villa is almost a perfect abode for that weekend. It is furnished with two comfortable queen-size beds, a sophisticated toilet and bathroom, a mini bar, a cool air-conditioning and a cozy shaded terrace with sofa chairs.

cintai coritos garden Garden Villa
cintai coritos garden Two queen size beds
cintai coritos garden A nice space to chill by the window
cintai coritos garden Full sliding door villa
cintai coritos garden Balinese-styled T&B
cintai coritos garden

The room has no television which is a disadvantage for families traveling with kids. However, they do have a common TV room located near the Reception which is very far from the location of the villas. Well if you visiting Cintai for relaxation, then this should not matter as it is also good to disconnect to media and technology to appreciate the tranquility of the resort.

cintai coritos garden

Swimming Pools       

The resort is a perfect place to have a break and take a chill pill as it also has four swimming pools which are located around the Garden. All the pools are surrounded by greeneries and adorned with Balinese embellishments. Even the shower area nearby the main pool is ornamented with impressive decorations.   

cintai coritos garden pool Main Pool
cintai coritos garden pool
cintai coritos garden pool
cintai coritos garden pool Another Adult Pool Near the Portal-like Gate
cintai coritos garden pool Smaller kid’s pool
cintai coritos garden Shower and changing area

Kid’s Playground

If you are traveling with kids, then this mini jungle gym will surely amuse them during your stay in Cintai Coritos Garden.

cintai coritos garden playground Mini Jungle Gym Playground

The Garden

Cintai is popular for its exquisite Balinese inspired architectures around the garden. They have Canti Bentar or Split Gate, several Guardian effigies, a pond with Balinese landscape and many more that are picturesque and Instagrammable.  There is also pavilion that has hand carved wall accents which is perfect for special event like garden weddings.

cintai coritos garden split gate Canti Bentar or Split Gate

cintai coritos garden statue

One of the Guardian statues

cintai coritos garden statue Guardian Effigy

cintai coritos garden split gateOne side of the split gate

cintai coritos garden gate Balinese Gate
cintai coritos garden Balinese Landscape
cintai coritos garden Napas Pavilion

Abadi Restaurant

Part of our accommodation booking is a complimentary breakfast for two at the Abadi Restaurant. The place  has indoor and outdoor dining tables. Filipino breakfast was served during our stay. It was good but it could have been better with the price we paid for an overnight stay. An assortment of some Balinese food would be great as well to really fulfill a dream Bali inspired vacation.

cintai coritos garden Abadi Restaurant
cintai coritos garden Breakfast Buffet
cintai coritos garden Outdoor Bar

Massage, Facial and Spa

The entire place itself is already relaxing but if you are fancying for more, then you can request for a room service massage or opt to try their spa, facial or waxing outdoor surrounded by nature to fulfill your indulgence.

cintai coritos garden Outdoor Spa
cintai coritos garden 
Spa Menu

A trip in Cintai Corito’s Garden is really a great detox after a stressful daily crusade in the city. We felt that we were really teleported to Bali and all the good memories and experience we had in the past have all came back. So if you would like to escape from the demanding city life, then a weekend or vacation in Cintai Corito’s Garden is highly recommended.

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cintai coritos garden

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