Hi, I am JM!

wayfaring whereverWelcome to my blog  ‘Wayfaring Wherever’

I am not really good in self introductions and brag about myself but I need to make one right now to create this additional page in my blog.

I work full-time in the office, a full-time husband and Daddy to three beautiful girls and a part-time traveler.

I am an Entertainment Specialist based in one of the 7,641 islands of the Philippines. I used to be a Seafarer in an International Cruise Line and spent 1/3 or almost 10 years of my life on-board. On 2015, I finally decided to leave the high sea and to settle here in the Philippines for good though I still cruise a lot for work and travel for pleasure.

Being a Seafarer, I got to visit numerous countries and cities for free. And this time, I prefer being a  tourist in my own country and discover the surreal beauty of all the 81 provinces of the Philippines.

I do most of my adventures through road trips and travel as family with my wife and kids. I share our wonderful experiences, interesting stories, first-hand travel guides and entertaining photographs through this humble blog which I started last April 2016.

I am not traveling to blog and I am not blogging to travel. I travel because I love to see different places and I blog to to create a place to share my exciting travel escapades and help people who are looking for inspiration and motivation to become a wayfarer like me.

Wayfared Here: