I have traveled to different destinations in Asia but there are only few places that cover all the necessary aspects of having an awesome vacation and Bali is one of them.

Some people say that Bali is overrated, crowded and unworthy to visit. I think it just depends on how you would like to enjoy this beautiful island  as it has very much to offer. Here are the top 10 reasons why you must visit Bali.

1. Exotic and Rich Cultural Heritage

Bali’s culture and heritage is one of the riches in Asia from arts, music, beliefs to religion. There are more 20,000 temples which are vital elements of the island. The temples are symbolic to Balinese culture and visiting the temples is very essential. Some of the renowned temples in the islands are Uluwatu, Ulun Danu Beratan and Tanah Lot.

tanah lot

Tanah Lot Temple

bali temple

bali temple

ubud bali temple

temple bathing bali

2. Stunning Landscapes and Natural Surroundings 

The sceneries in Bali are very colorful.  They have beautiful mountains, volcanoes and hilltops, sparkling waterfalls, well crafted rice paddies, picturesque bodies of water, glorious sunrise and sunset and many more to explore.  Ubud, Jatiluwih, Kintamani and Tegallalang are some of popular places in Bali home to beautiful natural wonders.

tegalalang rice terraces

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

mountain in bali

sunset in tanah lot

waterfalls in bali

moss lake bali

3. White, Golden and  Black Sand Beaches

Bali has five foremost beach districts. Kuta-Seminyak has golden sandy beach with high waves suitable for surfing. Sanur’s beach is tan-colored with a relaxed ambiance perfect  for unwinding.  Nusa Dua-Benoa has pristine white sandy beach where all the luxurious resorts are located. Benoa is also the best place in Bali to experience various water sports. Jimbaran has ivory-colored sand and the beach is also known because of its abundance to seafood restaurants. Uluwatu is a beach by the cliff which is the most famous surfing destination in Bali because of the impressive Uluwatu surf breaks.

nusa dua beach

nusa dua beach

nusa dua beach

4. Exhilarating Activities

Bali is also friendly to the thrill seekers in all ages. One of the exciting places is Waterbom Bali in Kuta. It is the most extreme water park in Asia and popular because of its breathtaking ‘Climax’ water slide that can give a 2.5 G force of speed experience to its patrons.

waterbom bali climax

If spending a day in water park is not your thing, then you can opt to try a white water rafting adventure in Telaga Waja river. The river has rafting difficulty lever of 3 to 4 which is still quite safe for novices and first-timers. The river is known because of its 4-meter drop towards the end of the rafting course.

white water rafting bali

telaga waja white water rafting

5. Vivacious Nightlife Experience

Known as ‘Ibiza of Asia’, Bali’s nightlife is colorful and lively. Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are the midpoint of nightlife in the island though Nusa Dua, Ubud and Sanur are alternative options if you a looking for discreet nightlife.

Everything is possible in Bali’s nightlife. You can find yourself partying in the beach, on the road or in the club dancing barefooted, in flip-flops or high heels from sunset until dawn.

6. Delectable Balinese Food

The local food in Bali is definitely tasty. Almost every warung or local eatery and restaurants serve the sumptuous dishes like nasi goreng, satay ayam and soto ayam just to name a few. The price of the food in Bali is inexpensive regardless where you will have it.

If your taste bud is looking for something familiar, don’t worry as there are restaurants in Bali that offer International cuisine and comfort food like pasta, burger, curry, barbecue, sushi and more.

7. Value for Money

Bali is one of the places where you can become a Millionaire just by exchanging your US Dollars, Euro or Pound as a dollar is almost equivalent to 14,000 Rupiah.

The cost of living is low in Bali thus making everything cheap from accommodation, transportation, shopping, food to different services. Having a private villa with a personal butler and a chef during a holiday is actually feasible in Bali. Exploring the island by private vehicle is also economical. Imagine us paying only USD 30 dollars for a whole day island trip? Surprising but true. Another best part of our Bali trip a 5-dollar Balinese massage that I have almost every other day.

aston bali pool

bali souvenirs

8. Authentic Balinese Hospitality 

Similar from where I cam from, Balinese hospitality is also topnotch. The island is a place to the most welcoming and friendly people in the globe.  Smile is always a twin of service and no tourist demand is too demanding. In the hotel, on the road, by the beach and everywhere, making friends and acquaintance is effortless. The people are soft-spoken and never take advantage of their visitors.

9. Great Accommodations

Good news! Bali has oversupply of hotel rooms which is advantage to the travelers as they will never worry about getting an accommodation regardless of the season. Booking online is the best way to save time and money but if you are busy to do it, you can even walk-in in a 5-star hotel or resort and still get  a room of your choice.

aston bali benoa

10.  Experience Something Exotic

A trip to Bali will never be complete without trying their renowned ‘Luwak’ coffee, the rarest coffee in the world and the only thing that is expensive in Bali. Take a side trip in Sanur and enjoy a cup of Kopi Luwak before you figure out what makes it special.

The coffee beans used to make Kopi Luwak were digested by Asian Palm Civet, a tree climbing cat. This not so adorable cats eat the coffee beans, keep them in their digestive system for a day or two and excrete in bunches. The beans are washed and roasted to kill the remaining bacteria before brewing it in your cup to enjoy.

luwak coffee bali

luwak coffee tasting bali

The list of reasons to visit Bali can still go further. But for sure, Bali has too much to offer to its visitors. It could be the serenity by the beach,  the engaging smiles from the locals, breathtaking beauty of nature, many first-time experiences or a paradise-like accommodation. No matter what it is, this island is a top destination to visit anytime of the year.  Because in Bali you can get  a bit of everything at its best.

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